Steve Pound backs calls to oppose wildlife crime

Steve Pound is backing calls by the League Against Cruel Sports to oppose wildlife crime across the UK.

He joined representatives from the League at its annual reception at the Houses of Parliament last week.

Steve said “I am proud to join the League in standing against all wildlife crime. All animals deserve protection from abuse so it’s essential that we act to stop horrific ‘sports’ such as fox hunting and badger baiting.

“The public, police and politicians all have a vital role to play in truly consigning cruel ‘sports’ to the history books.”

Interim League Against Cruel Sports Chief Executive Andrew Knott MBE spoke at the event about it being the most promising time ever for animal welfare with a raft of new proposals attracting cross party support.

Andrew Knott MBE, Interim League Against Cruel Sports Chief Executive, said:

“Draft legislation to increase prison sentences for animal abusers, animal sentience being recognised in principle, and an extension to the ivory ban, are all examples of how we are creating a kinder society in respect to how we treat animals.

“People want an end to animal cruelty and so they look to people they know and respect to do this – calls to the League’s Animal Crimewatch have increased five-fold this year. Whether its dog fighting or fox hunting, we’re getting a large number of reports of illegal activity, and the public are clear they want this to stop.

“People are waking up to the reality of animal abuse and our politicians and police can help us to prevent animal cruelty in the name of ‘sport’.”

The League Against Cruel Sports runs Animal Crimewatch, a confidential hotline where you can report cruelty to animals in the name of ‘sport’ by phone, email or online form. Call 01483 361108 or email

Animal Crimewatch helps League investigators to bring people involved in animal cruelty to justice and supports the charity’s campaigning work calling for changes to the law to improve the lives of animals.