Stephen Pound – the Man, Personal Interview by student, Anthony Pius

rotaryphotos0072The MP for Ealing North, Stephen Pound’s most fulfilling job since he was first elected in 1997 wasn’t to do with an accomplishment that he achieved in his constituency, but was for working for Paddington Churches Association.

“Having people who are living in poor conditions or sleeping in cars and everything to find them a decent, warm dry place to stay. Sadly, I maybe one of the last people to have done that, but that’s the ultimate. When you actually watch someone walk into their own place, open their own door and know that they have the peace and stability, that’s the biggest kick in the world.” As Stephen Pound preached this, his eyes lit up showing what helpful and considerate person he is, the 66 year old father and husband truly loves looking after people’s welfare.

Sitting in a strong posture, with his black suit, sipping a cup of tea the Labour MP for Ealing North talked about his love for giving to people and making a difference. When Pound was in his early 20s he used to work as a hospital porter at Middlesex Hospital moving ill patients between different departments and wards. This is why he agrees with the petitions to Save Ealing Hospital, he knows how important it is to keep a local hospital open as its always convenient and he wants to keep the people in the borough of Ealing happy.

“I’ve done a lot of marches around Ealing to help keep the hospital open and also closing down Ealing Hospital isn’t very convenient, Northwick Park Hospital or Hillingdon is quite far and not as close as people think. Especially if there is traffic.”

He understands the need for hospitals and thinks that they have changed dramatically from when he used to work in Middlesex hospital. Technology has improved, back in the early 90s there were no TVs and it would take you a few days to be seen where as now a days you can be seen in a day and you can be told what illness you have. Health is improving too as Stephen proudly claims that cancer rates in Northern Ireland are decreasing.

Pound is an active parliamentarian and his main interest areas include housing, transport and local government and he strongly believes in using transport. Unlike other MPS he uses transport to get into work and lives in the constituency he works for, which isn’t always an easy thing to do for someone who gets slack for trying to make London a better place. “. I get thumped on the bus on a fairly regular basis and gets people saying ‘you’re working late, claiming your bus fares”.

His strong tone of voice illustrated the love and passion he has for London and his borough, he does everything he can to make North Ealing and its surroundings an improved environment. However his voice became a little gentle when he started talking about how politics is changing.

“‘When politics matters people are prepared to go out and die for it”, he strongly vowed this point as he was talking about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in Kiev. “A lot of people died in Kiev in minus 30 degrees because it really matters”.

Stephen’s face turned dull after he started talking about the change in politics, his tone of voice was quiet and his hands were clenched tight together. When he was councillor his children were born, his children were 5 and 7 years old when he was Mayor and they were 8 and 11 when he was elected as MP, meaning he didn’t spend a lot of time when they were growing up.

“I hardly ever went to anything at school, never saw their productions and till the day I die I will just weep with that.” He said with a crock in his voice.

Stephen Pound is still trying to do everything in his power, including working with other councillors to make Ealing Hospital stay open and his sacrifices and passion for his job is truly visible when you talk to him. His knowledge with politics and people is unquestionable and Ed Milliband should be grateful to have such a caring MP.