“Vote Bob!!” Says Steve


He may be a red squirrel, but once you get past his bushy tail, pointy ears and whiskery features, there’s not much difference between him and you. Honest.

He can no longer sit here in his tree gnawing on nuts, while the woodlands, meadows and wildlife around him are disappearing. It’s time to make a stand.

Our children deserve to know what it’s like to run through a wildflower meadow and hear a skylark’s song.

It’s time to give nature a voice – we’ve seen too much of it disappear.

We need to ask everyone what they intend to do to look after our wildlife, countryside and wild places. That’s why he’s off on the campaign trail – to help ensure nature is back on our politicians’ agendas.

He’ll be popping up here, there and everywhere, reminding people around the UK just why nature is important.

He’s got 51 MPs, including Stephen Pound, backing the campaign to get nature on the political agenda – but he is setting himself a challenge to get even more, and he needs your help – Bob Squad!image002


Is Bedroom Tax Fair

bedroom taxSteve Pound told MPs at the House of Commons on Tuesday 12th December: “There is a young man who lives in Earls Court who is in total renal failure. This man’s spare bedroom is a dialysis unit.  He told them that his brother, faces losing his home as a result of the government’s controversial ‘bedroom tax’.

Steve said: “He has been told he now has to pay the bedroom tax. He is very happy with the efforts of his MP, not of my political persuasion, to attempt to free him from the chains of the bedroom tax.”

He added: “But my brother faces losing his home of 20 years for being a kidney patient.”

Steve made this personal intercession during a Commons debate on the government’s so-called ‘bedroom tax’. The policy, which ministers prefer to call the ‘spare room subsidy’, is a key dividing line between the coalition and Labour.

Under the policy, introduced in April 2013, the amount of housing benefit a claimant is able to receive is reduced if they are seen to have more living space than they need. The government said the move was required not only to save money but also to free up much needed housing.

However, Labour has pledged to reverse the policy. The Opposition argues it unfairly targets disabled people who need extra space.

Tuesday’s Commons debate was scheduled by Labour. And Ed Miliband’s MPs have hit out at Iain Duncan Smith for missing the session. The work and pensions secretary decided to attend an unemployment conference in Paris instead.

So much for listening to what the public have to say.


And on the lighter side

Was  our Local MP being arrested after late night binge at NGRA Party?  DSCF0763

I suspect a Set-up here !!!