On Wednesday 10th February Steve Pound MP joined the launch of the #PrePayRipOff campaign in the House of Commons to clamp down on the cost of prepayment meters as a means of paying energy bills.

The latest research by the Citizens Advice Bureau has revealed that pre-payment meter customers on average pay £226 a year extra for the cost of their energy compared to the cheapest direct debit tariff. And with 1 in 5 prepayment meter users already in fuel poverty this amounts to an extra £1,781,106.00 a year being taken out of the pockets of the 7881 households living in Ealing North.

Steve Pound joined Dawn Butler MP at the launch of her campaign along with Sadiq Khan MP, Labour’s candidate for Mayor of London, calling to take action on the Big 6 energy companies.

Steve Pound said:

It is unacceptable that the poorest in our society are forced to pay the most for their energy bills when the cost of energy is falling but bills continue to rise. I will continue to call for real action in the energy market to pass on the savings which thousands of families in my constituency deserve. This Prepay Rip Off must end now.”

Dawn Butler MP said:

It is about time someone stood up to the Big 6 energy companies on behalf of the most vulnerable energy consumers who are being left out of pocket. The cost of energy is at an all-time low yet prices keep going up. The Government need to take action to force energy companies to pass on these savings to consumers. If you support my campaign add your voice by signing the petition!”

Sadiq Khan MP highlighted at the launch the enormous cost to Londoners:

1 in 5 households in London have no choice but to use prepayment meters to pay their bills. This could be costing the most disadvantaged families in the capital an additional £140 million a year. This is money taken out of the pockets of those who can least afford it, and money that would otherwise be spent in the local economy on goods and services. I am calling on the energy companies to automatically give Londoners the best possible deal on their energy tariffs and ensure the most disadvantaged in our communities are given reduced standing rates.”

You can sign the petition online by going to

Notes to editors:
The petition calls on the government and energy companies to:

1. Cut the cost of prepayment meters in line with the cheapest direct debit fuel tariffs saving consumers £226 a year

2. End debt collection by energy companies during the winter (Scottish Energy have lead the way)
3. Ensure homes with pensioners, disabled people and children don’t have prepayment meters fitted
4. Stop installation of prepayment meters during the winter
5. Monitor and require action on self-disconnection by those on smart meters and prioritise prepayment meter customers in the UK roll-out.

The petition launched has so far gained over 500 signatures or the full link:
Dawn Butler MP has launched an interactive map on her website so Londoners can see how their constituency is affected by the additional cost of prepayment meter
CAB research suggests that households using prepayment meters are £226 worse off than those on the cheapest form of Direct Debit from the same supplier
Christians against Poverty report The Poor Pay More found that 57% of PPM consumers were limiting their use of energy over the winter period