A tribute to Tessa Jowell

Politicians are not held in very high esteem nowadays and this makes the occasional exception all the more remarkable. There was no-one more remarkable than Tessa Jowell who has just left us at the painfully early age of just 70.

Having known and worked with Tessa for over twenty-five years I can attest to the extraordinary warmth and kindness that she shared with everyone she came into contact with.

From the establishment of Sure Start to the winning of the 2012 London Olympics everything Tessa touched turned – in Tony Blair’s words – to gold.

I was one of the team that worked with Tessa in her campaign to win the nomination for Mayor of London and I still believe that she would have made a marvellous figurehead for our city – even if she would be so cruelly taken from us at such an early age.

As the picture will show we did occasionally relax during the campaign and there could be no finer companion than dear Tessa – she really could light up a room with that smile!

Tessa Jowell – may she rest and peace and live forever in our memories.

Steve Pound with Tessa Jowell