Gazette October 2018

What is it about the quiz craze sweeping Ealing North?

I’ve never known a time when more people are organising and attending excellent quiz suppers and I see this as an entirely positive development.

Anything that gets us off the sofa and into civilised company where our brain cells can get a workout can only be a good thing and I cite the plethora of quiz nights as proof that we are not the atomised stay at home society that the doomsters claim is the case.

As ever case I am the “mystery shopper” as I attend so many different ones.

Ann and Hassan’s legendary quiz nights at Holy Cross, Greenford are like a mental gym and leave me exhausted and usually low down on the leader board. Next one – Saturday December 1st.6.30pm Greenford Community Centre!

Sally and Steve set a very high standard at All Hallows and they probably do the best music rounds as well as some cheeky illustrations culled from the deepest depths of the internet. Their next one is on Saturday 10th November at All Hallows Church Hall on Elton Avenue and I heartily recommend a visit. Top prizes too – not that I’d know.

Noel and Karen run the most sociable of quizzes at Brent Valley Golf Club and the fact that they are held on licenced premises may help in upping the merriment level.

The King and Queen of Quizzes in Ealing North are, of course, Val and Dave Dwyer of the mighty Wood End Residents’ Association. Although they have the temerity to hold WERA quizzes just over the border in Harrow they are never less than really good fun and bring the North Greenford community even closer.

I would mention my son and heir who is something of a quiz whizz and may yet be banned from the King’s Arms in Hanwell for persistently winning – despite his team once being called Quizteam Aguilera.

At this stage I should perhaps declare an interest.

Saturday 13th.October at 7pm and the place to be is St.Barnabas Church Hall on Pitshanger Lane. Vicki Dale and her soul crew are putting on another amazing evening which will only be diminished by the presence of yours truly as quiz master.

Best question I heard there was “Which member of the Beatles has the same first name as three UK Labour Prime Ministers” – I’ll put the answer up on my website if I can find out where it is!

Thinking about the popularity of quizzes I have come to the conclusion – and not for the first time – that while there may be those who bemoan the lack of communal social activity we do not face that problem in Ealing North.

See you at the next quiz night and please don’t be too contemptuous of my appalling ignorance of any popular music since 1977!